Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon (COVID)

(or, Jack Said I Could Write Some REVIEWS in verse)


In an attempt to end our feeling that every night

we should watch Something Somehow Guaranteed

To Be Good,  Meaningful or Funny or One of the

Movies Serious Critics Take Seriously we chose

the Bob Fosse series last night.  Because he can dance.

Because she can too.  Because of Sam Rockwell

and Michelle William Wonderful Both. Still

it was hard to watch What a Shmuck Bob Fosse was

and how, for her own reasons, she helped him to succeed.

He thought he could  Get Away With Everything

Because He Could Dance.


Distanced party (COVID)

Distanced party in our building

two floors together four and five

stood on the fourth floor far apart,

holding  drinks, and Dora who sang with Philip

Glass for 12 years  writes books

about crocheting  eight crochet books now

Dora when pressed although she said No

at first, thin and yoga strong, she

agreed to sing a song and we all hugged

our respective walls and listened.

Snow Day, or Would it be Possible (COVID)


I can be on this very same couch a snow day or two

without having to do anything much

finish the new Max Gross novel

Elizabeth gave me

roast the big chicken

in the middle of our small fridge

watch 18 Cows  Palestinian animated movie

Judy recommended would it be possible

to feel that today for reasons

of pandemic and snow I can

just sit right here?


One Advantage of the Cold (COVID)


average wait time Sunday mornings can be an hour

bread was not sold out today

watermelon radishes chioggia beets

pickles Martin’s pretzels honey crisps

we bought our once happily free roaming chicken

yesterday at Lincoln Center farmer’s market after

the vaccine.  And about the vaccine  (dose one Pfizer)

Bellevue Hospital oldest public hospital in the country

impressive volunteers my shot a Georgia

nurse who’d volunteered  for Stacey Abrams

Peter’s from a female Asian doctor

so many people volunteering this is the country

we know has been there all along.


Getting the Vaccine Today Poem (COVID)

We are going to Bellevue Hospital

South Lobby 26th and First

for our first vaccine.  This has not been

an easy process, additional pandemic anxiety

making this appointment (we called at 12:01

AM as per a tip from Next Door online

neighborhood personals column)  got the appointment

yesterday when I was coming home from the dentist

I missed a call from Bellevue Hospital no message

tried to call back thinking they were going to

cancel the appointment a tape said If You Got a Call

from Bellevue We Will Probably Call You Back.  They

actually said probably.  We waited and then

they did call back said they might be out

of the vaccine by Monday.  Come in tomorrow

morning instead, they said.

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