Do I Want to Take a Vacation?

What’s funny is  I who do not

do the same thing twice no

patterns or routines I have even placed my favorite

pair of silver earrings on all possible surfaces why don’t

you put them in the same spot every day so you’ll remember

where they are many have asked and I don’t wear

them two days in a row ever even though they are my

favorite earrings old silver perfume bottles from Nepal soft

and open hold scent on small cotton balls hidden inside

still I hesitate to take a break next week when we are

in California for a word that is almost alien for vacation

we will not work or do anything out of duty or responsibility

or for any other reason besides vacation

we could just eat oysters and oysters visit The Antique

Vibrator Museum or take a walk across a bridge the question is

should I forget about my one daily task all that I do for sure

should I vacation from writing a poem?