Names, or Overheard Happy Hour Conversations

(Maybe if these poems included the name of the bar they could be part of the Don’t Miss This New York Guidebook, in verse)

The Hamilton 998 Amsterdam Avenue New York




I have a son.  It was the 60’s.

We were hippies and we wanted

him to be a king. So we named him

Raja.  Not Dweezel or Moon Unit.

Just Raja.  He hated his name

so when he could he  became Ronald.



A Couple on the Seats Near Me (30D and E)

A couple on the seats near me (across the aisle)

don’t get along although they look alike (my friend

Gail said years ago I don’t write conflict). Both

middle aged maybe 50 good looking similar

expensive sneakers.  Black.  Fit might be their word.

They’re both Fit.  He has a subtle Rolex hers a subtle Cartier

she’s wearing Prada jeans.  They both appear

to have no discernible fat.  Before the plane takes off

he says I left my Wall Street Journal (sic)

in the overhead rack in the carryon in Row 27 implying

that she should go get it and she who is on the aisle

says I’ll stand up.  You go.  And he, not happy with her

answer replies, annoyed:  Don’t Bother.

I Won’t she says.

Chesray’s Directing Fabulation, or Don’t Miss This

This is a Preface, not a poem:

a few people who have been reading these for a while know I’ve had Many Ideas

for ongoing series such as Don’t Miss This:  A Guidebook in Verse.  I Love Love Love

New York even now and have long thought a verse guidebook maybe even

with the amazing pictures of Matthew Septimus. Here’s one Very Small Example:

(Here’s the poem)

Chesray among

a thousand things daughter in law

mother of Ahava etcetc  she’s directed

Fabulation by Lynn Nottage

a very good play not the usual

You Can Guess What Happens

Even if Its a Big Metaphor story

young black and brown performers

Harlem School of the Arts

Feb 28, 29, March 1

we who live in New York often haven’t been

so many places and if I were to write

An Ongoing Series (maybe I will

and maybe I won’t) Fabulation

directed by Chesray Dolpha would

be right there on the list.

Sometimes a Poem Exists When it Didn’t Before

Unscheduled days

absolutely no subliminal message no need

for urgent descriptions of people or politics

(although a woman yesterday, Pnina, kibbutznik

who moved, 50 years ago, to Athens, Ohio

to start a kibbutz and she did and they’re all still there

she could be a poem.

Nevada caucuses could be a poem too but

not this one.  This poem is about Saturdays and how

for those of us who don’t have to work on Saturdays

we listen to Glenn Gould’s Goldberg Variations

celebrate Nina Simone’s birthday by hearing

as much as we want of Nina Simone

walk to the store and buy raw cashews and shredded coconuts and curry powder

roast them together  finish reading Girl Woman, Other

consider the difference between admiration and love.


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