Normal (COVID)

My biannual endocrinology blood test.

Don’t use real names my doctor suggested

last time I wrote a poem about him and my

biannual blood test and so today even though he has

a good name he is Jewish but has one of those names

like Abraham Lincoln today I will call my endocrinologist

not his name but Andrew Jackson

and I will go to my blood test fasting instead of drinking

coffee first and I listen to my new audio book

on the way through the park and see birds and other people

walking through the park we’re all masked as though being masked

is normal and I’ll get to his office and have my temperature taken

to make sure I don’t have a COVID temperature Peter took my

temperature this morning just in case and I did fine and I will not

go to the library afterwards  what I usually do after I will

walk back through the park listening to my audio book and pretending

that this is normal and come inside and look out the window

and then I’ll try to write a poem called Normal.


Who We Are (COVID)

We are good.

Connected not by

what we believe what our

grandmothers looked like where they

came from not because

of words we speak

religion we do or don’t practice.

We are born to  be part

of lives that aren’t our own

to walk together and when

we can’t walk one more step

to be there to help.


Maybe There Should Be No Poems on Sundays (but why not) (((DIVERSION)))(((COVID)))

My good friend Cindy knows I have collected Interesting scams

for many years with a specialty in NIGERIAN SCAMS  (I am an admirer

of the often repeated line:  We Have a Lot of Money for You

and It Is Now in Nigeria) and yesterday in the middle of Everything Else

difficult and impossible  Cindy got a clever short

never seen before scam and she knew it would make me happy and so on Sunday even

though maybe this is No Poem Sunday (!) I am sending her scam to you.

Hello dear,

I contacted you due to your little similarity in name with my late
client who died in ghastly rail accident.

Your prompt response will be appreciated for more details.
Andrew John Lowndes Q.C.

What Can We Say Now (Covid)

We are

so many of us ready to fight what

happened what continues

to happen here we all are

inside together on the 30th of May

year of Trump and Covid and police

listening carefully to try

to understand, to know what we can do

and how we can change

this world and change this world we will.


To Find a Way

Truth, crushed to earth, will rise again.

William Cullen Bryant



George Floyd Ahmaud Arbery we say their names

knowing how much more we have to do

than say their names to change this world

live the way we all deserve we watch fires

of Minneapolis hoping what’s burning

are years of injustice listen to the young mayor

once a community organizer  in his thirties

the second Jewish mayor of Minneapolis more

vigilant than before watchful of what we don’t understand

what we know for sure is May  the real true power

we have when we are all together and then

June and we will persist and vote and find a way

a way we don’t yet know.




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