Gideon 54, Collins 42 Maine (COVID)

One more day until Jewish new year

chance we all deserve everyone

to begin again.   We were all

innocent of pandemics at the start of 2020,

drank champagne and then a few months later,  watched

each other breathing.  When we admitted

at last the horrors of our histories then marched together

wearing masks and discussing how to make change happen

when we, so many of us committed to ending this terrible time

of Republicans and misunderstandings, when we hold onto the

words of Bob Woodward, read poll after poll, and understand

that every single new year, no matter what the circumstances, every

single new year is about hope.

Conversations (COVID)

The family directly across the street

doesn’t talk to us.  Or anyone else much either.

They only say hello.  This happened before

the last election actually happened when they

moved in from Texas they were an internet match

that much they said as well as some minimal

conversation about  temperatures but yesterday

when I attempted once again it’s hard for me to give up

the idea that there has to be a Good Subject has to be

a way to talk yesterday when I said to the man of the house

that he’d done a nice job painting he painted his

house himself he said I don’t think so and that was that.

Rosh Hashanah a few more days (COVID)



Dear Friends:  Matthew Septimus and I made our millionth (23?) New Year’s card.  I will send you an actual card  if you email me your address.



Haven’t yet written new Days of Awe poems  I am

even now in September not warm any more not summer

either I am even now although the word COVID is spoken

every single day I am even now optimistic that we will all

have days of awe and tomatoes and my grandmother’s kugel

or yours and we will after this after these long impossible months

we will take off our masks and hug one another again.

Horton Foote Podcast (COVID)


Dear Friends,  One of my favorite favorite writers is Horton Foote.  I’ve seen Trip to Bountiful MANY TIMES.  Near us in the country is a theater, run by Janet and Frank Giradeu and their many actor friends called Horton by the Stream and going to the plays every summer is one of the best things about the summer.  Horton Foote can tell a story, really tell it.  No theater this year as we know.  So they made a wonderful podcast.  It’s an hour long.  And I get to read some poems.

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