Lisa Tells Me What to Watch (COVID)

She sees everything and texts me

her suggestions and I who am not very

media savvy use a pen to write them down.

Watch Wendy’s Shabbat

a short on POV she said last night.  This morning I did.

Filmmaker’s grandmother lives in Sunset City Florida

senior community they all have dogs

drive golf carts to get around. Many Jews there who aren’t

religious but they like tradition.  One woman has

the idea to celebrate the Sabbath in the local Wendy’s

and Wendy’s likes the idea. So do they.

A whole meal is $4.00 for a burger or chicken nuggets

and every single Friday a big group of them go to Wendy’s.

The rabbi lives in Sunset City too he is 97 says he might be

the oldest practicing rabbi in America  and Friday

night they are all together, laughing and discussing doctors

and gossip and celebrating living another week at Wendy’s.


Pandemic TV (Undoing) (COVID)

(Would we have watched Undoing if there was no pandemic?  Who knows.)


At nine last night we watched the final episode

of a trashy show  trashy and dislike are not

synonyms called Undoing the title one of the show’s

strongest attributes.  A friend called it good New York real estate

porn.  Hugh Grant handsome as always dapper in character pediatric

oncologist Nicole Kidman a little too facelifted beautiful of course but so skinny

she’s a little  hard to watch.  She is a couples therapist who walks briskly.

Her father is rich rich  Donald Sutherland.  He wears an overcoat in many

scenes has a continual I am a Rich Man gaze. I’ve  never wanted to write

TV reviews until now I’m not a TV expert didn’t grow up watching much

but if I were to write a review right now I’d say

we were glad to watch  because the show’s Good Enough sufficiently

distracting from All Those Other Things even some sex

ended last night won’t go on for years

and now, maybe we’ll watch who killed

The Mother on Middle Beach.



(I’ve never written a part two to my poems until today)


When I walked by Len

homeless man on the corner

yesterday (I’d given him some rugelach the day before)

he said unsolicited, the rugelach were pretty good

but not the best.

Len’s Choices (COVID)

Walking home from the farmer’s market

I saw Len again a homeless man who sits

on a bench on 76th and Columbus.  “I’m hungry

today,” said Len.   He says this every day.

“What are my options today?”

I open my bags for Len.  “Not much of a selection,”

he says.  “I guess I’ll take the ruggelech.”

The Day After Thanksgiving (COVID)


We gave thanks that we could walk to the park even have a drink

squash blossoms appetizer we gave thanks that there will be

a vaccine and a new president and people in the cabinet who

know what they’re doing and that Yayoi Kasuma was the first

woman to make a Thanksgiving Day balloon as part of her 90th

birthday and  we are living through this crazy pandemic with thousands of things

to watch at home Good Lord Bird last night and plenty of food

and bottles of wine and we know we are lucky and we give thanks for that too.

Thanksgiving (COVID)

I’ve always liked Thanksgiving even when

Noah’s kindergarten teacher sent us a note

about Native Americans suggesting we

change the holiday not Pilgrims I liked

just people eating together I have

always been thankful for people

eating together and on Thanksgiving that’s what we did

especially in the country   room for infinite

people enough dishes  because of all those flea markets

although it is still Thanksgiving and I am

glad to be here today without Covid without

That President soon still I am in this apartment  no one can come inside

we will eat a good meal as always read a poem or two

give thanks that this will not last forever that something resembling

democracy will happen in January we will go for a walk

in the park still beautiful cold does not make the park less beautiful

we are grateful and lucky and know for us all there will be next year.


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