Medical Marijuana Store (Covid)

We went  to pick up  sleep possibilities

from a women owned medical marijuana business

Etain Health Dispensary on route 28 in Kingston New York.

The woman at the desk looked familiar.  She teaches gender

studies at SUNY New Paltz and she told me

her  name Peri Rainbow my brother is famous she said.

Is he my pandemic hero Randy Rainbow

I asked and she said YES

but when I told this story to friends

they said Who is Randy Rainbow and the story became

different from what I’d intended.


Here (COVID)

We’re in  a bubble right here

miraculous paradise, undiscovered funky ramshackle

county the kind of place I love, maybe because of the funny

factory town where I was raised – I loved it there, too irregular

unsuburban cement streets with people

all different from one another not a doctor lawyer town

I especially loved the walk through the small

town to the Anna Sewell ( Black Beauty author) library where

the librarian Julia C. offered infinite suggestions twice every week

for many years.  Here too a wonderful library

library in downtown Cairo maybe 10 miles away.  No sidewalks

in our small village,  just roads and roads and creeks and

secret waterfalls and we walk up the road every single day

on a small hill called Smith Lane maybe it’s

a Native American healing hill we wear masks when we

go to town but most of the time we are unmasked

sitting outside looking up.


A Friend Wrote Me From Israel Today (COVID)

Good friend wrote from Israel today

to ask how we  are.   Israel, he said, absolutely

impossible country

wonderful people

wonderful vegetables

despite their terrible government.

Just like the United States

without the wonderful

vegetables, he said.

The Day After the 4th of July (COVID)

We pretend  life is normal

lucky enough to be in the country

as beautiful as beautiful

with people we love full summer meals first corn

bright green bubble  another world

listen to Frederick Douglass

wear masks send bailout money

we wear masks at CVS and are grateful, even now

to sit in this sun.

Goats (COVID)

Noah and Ben slaughtered two goats as a test for a goat meal

we will have next weekend.  Ben is from

Burkina Faso and is a master baker.  Noah

started a barbecue club at Bard College and wrote

his senior thesis on race and class and pork.

Ben grew up in a country where he learned

about meat.  Today we listen to Frederick Douglass say

What to the Slave is the Fourth of July

and we discuss in a new way how much

we took for granted how much we don’t know

how much we have to learn today we celebrate

the forms  independence takes how linked

we are to one another and today because of Noah

and Ben we will celebrate goats.

Knowing (COVID)

So much we don’t know even though

knowing a word we use often what do we

know and how do we know it?  I know our

born again cleaning person, beautiful 48 year old

woman married to a minister, Gilbert and Sullivan

actress before, whose dog she calls Noel

the Coward, she is a hunter, deer especially, makes

Hungarian sausage, reinforces the idea that we

who are full of assumptions  are usually wrong.

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