Last night at the end of dinner

we went out with Kavery she and Peter’d worked together

30  years ago maybe 35 on a movie called Gilda Live

both beginning they both make movies now

last night we all went to an African restaurant

Korean rooftop bar talked for hours: women’s march

art couple who got a divorce then the usual movie conversation

what we are watching last night right before we walked

our different ways Kavery her parents from Calcutta

grew up in New Jersey she said  to me Where Were  You Born

I always wish I had a better answer, say Vilna

or Johannesburg.  Small Connecticut factory town is what I said.

Ansonia.  I’ve been there said Kavery.

One of my best friends was Michael Darby  we went to college

together he played an instrument.  And then she told me all about

Michael Darby and I told Kavery how he’d come over

with my brother and Michael Darby’s mother would sit on the long green couch

and she’d talk to mine  my mother would serve  butter cookies with nuts

on green and white dishes

and I sit with them and listen  at first Kavery couldn’t believe

I  once knew Michael Darby one of those maybe life

can be a circle moments  my brother and Michael Darby

and his mother and mine and Kavery all right there.

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