Last Night at Dinner Howard Said

Howard who is maybe 92 or 93

said that he was on the bus and a woman

with many shopping bags maybe she

was homeless she said after he handed her

five dollars she was asking for money on the bus

she said to him Are You on a Fixed Income

and he said No but she didn’t believe him

and she said Here’s Three Dollars Change

Why Don’t You Take Another Dollar he said

and she said OK.


Sheila Jordan is 92

Last night we heard Sheila Jordan

amazing is not amazing enough

for Sheila Jordan singing on her birthday

same as Mickey Mouse  we’re both 92 she said

Sheila bedecked as beautiful as  songs

born in Detroit  17 year old mother

coal mining Pennsylvania grandparents

No Matter What she said No Matter What

she repeated to a full room at Birdland

there is always music.




Yiddish, or Rules

A few  years ago a 13 year old boy

won a Yiddish spelling bee by spelling

knaidel, Yiddish for Matzoh ball.

But YIVO, the official source for Yiddish words

in transliteration said the correct spelling

is kneydl and so the spelling bee officials

said YIVO was authoritative and the 13  year old boy

was disqualified even though most of us agreed

about knaidel. Many people Weighed In

with their knaidel kneydl opinions including

One Big Scholar.  He said

Who Cares About the Transliteration.

Knaidelach are delicious

and that’s what actually counts.




Hives: Where Did They Go?

Although I rarely write body  poems, I write about

hives because there is a Happy Ending.

We all need those now.

I got hives in July. They just appeared . Arms and legs and I even

had a hive on my lip one day. No discernible source.

Every single day until November 11 hives appeared

I took Benadryl at night Zyrtec in the day

went to a few MDs

my favorite acupuncturist  Chinese herbalist

named Frank I took remedies moved my energy around

did not eat this and that nothing worked I still had

hives and then one inauspicious day last week

they disappeared. Not even one hive on my elbow.

Still gone.

Turns Out

a  French bakery opened half a block

from the movie theater on Bleecker and 6th

plenty of room to sit not too expensive you

can have a chocolate croissant

new Lebanese place Manousheh  freshly made

Manousheh never had one before new movies

at the IFC theater I want to see them all

Audrey Flack today turns out that today has the strong

possibility even though these hearings continue

even though we don’t know who the Democratic

candidate will be and there are Big Problems every day

turns out today inspite of the cold maybe snow

tomorrow turns out today could be a very good day.

Impeachment Hearings

We don’t know what Ambassador Bill Taylor

will say.  Kelly Anne Conway’s husband George

is unexpected.   Glad a lawyer is doing the questioning.

House.  Tones.  Concerns.  Adam Schiff  a hero.

Other side hates him.  Keep this in mind:

West Point.  U.S. Army.  Vietnam.  Bronze Star.

The Federal Government.  Lifelong Diplomats.

Pompeo.  Mike Pence.  Implicated.

What will they all say and  do?

Now we are watching.

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