Bernie Comes to Dinner (COVID)

Bernie in his practical coat, brown or grey

Bernie wearing mittens big mittens made

from recycled wool the Washington Post had a whole

story on Bernie’s mittens he became

an instant meme and suddenly we could put a picture of Bernie

anywhere a coffee mug on top of the Empire State Building

even inside this apartment where he is wearing a mask

and those mittens and we could all ask him

some basic questions such as what would he like

for dinner because who wouldn’t want Bernie

to come to dinner.

Lists, or Amanda Gorman is Amazing (COVID)

Yesterday Dan said  he

likes list poems.  Me too.  America

likes poets at least this week

because Amanda Gorman is amazing,

and I, in honor of the strength

of Amanda Gorman, 22, I, one of the millions of poets

in every building, in every town, I will

buy a yellow jacket and a red hat,

and then I’ll write a poem.

Prove Your Humanity (COVID)

Sometimes when I log onto my computer

saying those same words for years for years

log on could be better words when I enter as always

this amorphous  all too real one dimensional world

when I sit where I always sit brown coach Moroccan caftan

before I can go where I want to go on this computer on this

couch I am beseeched in an understated way with

laptop words:  Prove Your Humanity.   I then take

out my notebook and make a list of what I’ve done

that might possibly be ok.

Biden Will Be President Today (COVID)

(Trump left this morning to YMCA singing

Village People and)

last night in the Biden Administration

we heard Lori Marie Key

nurse from Michigan  sang in the hospitals

Amazing Grace for COVID patients

last night she sang for 400,000 people who died

3,000  every single day   last night

we cried when Lori Marie Key emotional

voice one of the first people we see singing

from the new administration she sang Amazing Grace

just like Obama

in the South Carolina church she sang

Amazing Grace for us all.


One More Day Until Biden (COVID)

Noah’s birthday

and we have one more day of This.

Nervous about tomorrow we

meditate  work try not to talk about

vaccines, transitions, What Will Happen Next.

As a distraction I read old notebooks

where I always try to write everything down.

From 3 years ago, an unwritten and maybe

appropriate goodbye DT poem.

Adaptive Design:  This lamp

is adjustable.  Please turn it off

if you ever decide to leave.

Did You Get Your Appointment (COVID)

Vaccines have become The Big Subject Matter

Did You Get an Appointment a woman I know just a little

asked me on the street yesterday Jill’s husband

Eric said It’s Like the Toilet Paper Run I hate this

unfair system Peter said.  Life altering said a famous journalist

we ran into at the farmer’s market. Shortage and anxiety a bad

combination my economist friend Sangeeta explained.

I Got An Appointment people texted.  One even said That Was Easy

but it wasn’t. Friends would call with TIPS.  Try the drugstore.

We put our names on lists and lists, spent a day

calling the number at the Javits Center where

Barbara got three appointments on the phone for

her family wrote down phone numbers all over my apartment

and then Ellen a stranger on Next Door, my daily reading

matter, said New Appointments are Released at Midnight

from the New York Health and Hospitals Corporation so we

watched a few episodes of Community tried simultaneously

at 12:01 there were actually appointments at Bellevue Hospital

my computer froze and Peter got them both on his phone.

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