At meditation this morning

I don’t usually go but morning meditation

is on the Big List the instructor

a woman with four children a pretzel body

said the word we will look at today

is Resistance.  Tell me what you think.  Room

full of people who knew one another

regulars a certain kind

of meditator mildly appealing familiar

thinnish good natured psychoanalyzed

I’m not sure why I spoke. Courage I said.

Resistance seems courageous. Easy to see what’s

wrong and harder to fight.   Warsaw. France. I gave

examples. Didn’t say 45.  The teacher was puzzled but

she smiled in the way of Nice Try. Anyone else

she said.  A woman who looked like she too could

become a pretzel  beautiful white hair said

I resist so much.  I fight myself.  There was the

agreement hum  the teacher gave her the Right Answer

nod and I wondered if I’d return  I hadn’t given

the answer she wanted and I remembered Noah

in middle school explaining students do best

who tell the teacher what she wants to hear

and I said well I hope that isn’t you.