Real Meditations: A Good Meal in Catskill

Breathe In.  Too hot to cook.  Maybe we should go out to dinner.  Breathe Out.  Why not?

Breathe In.  Let’s try going to the new place in Catskill.  Radici.  Breathe Out.  It’s very hot

and they probably have no air conditioning.  Breathe In.  Air conditioning doesn’t matter.

We don’t have any either.  Breathe Out.  If it’s too hot we can go somewhere else.  Breathe

In.  The owner Frank was a barber for 42 years on East 53rd Street.  He was born in

Calabria.  Breathe Out.  That doesn’t mean he can cook.  Or that he can’t.  Breathe In.  We

ate there two weeks ago.  He cooks the way his mother did.  Breathe Out.  The meal will be

good.  And we can ignore any other realities in a hot and good restaurant.  We don’t have

to discuss Joe Biden.  Breathe In.  Think about good food.  Breathe Out.  After dinner we

can walk to the new ice cream store.  It’s only two blocks away.  Breathe In.  They have

Janes Ice Cream.  Breathe Out.  The owner makes her own toppings. Breathe In.  Some

people say eating is a meditation.  Breathe Out.  Maybe eating is just eating.  Good enough.

Real Meditations: Try Not to Worry

Breathe In.  Try Not to Worry.  Robert Mueller will do what he can.  Breathe Out.

Most People not every single person but Most People want to do the right thing.

They want to be good.  Breathe In.  What does good mean?  Breathe Out.  You don’t

have to define it.   Breathe In.  Good is Good.

Most people try.  Breathe Out.  Life has always been a mysterious mix.  Always.  Breathe In.

And some things are constant, No Matter What.  Breathe Out.  Summer, and tomatoes, and

swimming and watermelon and mornings that are hard to describe. Even now.

Real Meditations: Forget Calm

Breathe In. You don’t ever have to  Let Go.

Hold on as long

as you like. Breathe Out.

Maybe you just did.  Breathe In.  If you didn’t, no matter.

No Matter

is better than Calm Down, or even Calm. Be Calm is annoying.

Breathe Out.  It’s raining and raining.  Breathe In.  Rain always stops.

Breathe Out.  Tonight is a Very Good Concert at the Mike Quill Hall.

Breathe In.  Rain doesn’t matter for a concert.  Breathe Out.

Rain is not calming.  Breathe In.  I had an app called CALM on my phone. A

well intentioned friend told me to get it so I did.

Breathe Out. I took it off.

Real Meditations: Forget About Clearing Your Mind

Breathe In. This morning I listened to Two Big Experts explain about

Clearing Your Mind.  Breathe Out.  It’s impossible.  Forget it.  Breathe In.

There’s always a lot inside there.  Breathe Out.  What’s in my mind is too much

to Clear Out Just Like That.  Breathe In.  When they say the words Be Patient,

I feel more impatient.  Why is that?  Breathe Out.  I kind of like what’s inside my mind.

Pictures and words.  Breathe In.  I can see my grandmother Anna Sorocer very clearly

in there.  I loved her a lot.  Breathe Out.  You can probably see your grandmother too.

Everyone loves their grandmothers.  Breathe In.  My grandmother jangled.  She wore

a ton of jewelry. Earrings rings necklaces bracelets.  And sometimes she’d say I Forgot My

Pin.  Always made me laugh.  And then she’d put one on.  Breathe Out.  She  looked

great.  She had a fake Chanel suit jacket, and a real one.  I couldn’t tell the difference.

The fake Chanel was from Loehmanns Back Room. Breathe In.  She loved Jimmy

Durante.  Breathe Out.  I love Mel Brooks.  I still love Mel Brooks.  He’s probably politically

incorrect.  Breathe In.  Irish Music is in my mind too.  We heard some last night.

Cherish the Ladies.  Good Name for a Band.  Breathe Out.  Maybe meditation is

Marie Kondoing the mind.  Breathe In.  I still try every day.  It’s nice just to sit.

Breathe Out.  Doesn’t matter what happens while you’re sitting.

Real Meditations, or Things

Breathe In.  You are surrounded by things.

Breathe Out.  You don’t have to get rid of them.  Marie Kondo is pretty awful.

Even though everyone loves her. Breathe In.  Nothing wrong with things.

Some people like them.  Some people don’t.  Breathe Out.  You’ve always loved

all kinds of things.  In more or less every category.  Except hardware.

Breathe In.  Some people like things and some don’t.

So what.  Breathe Out.  Every Sunday in the summer there’s a fantastic flea market

nearby with fields full of things.  .  Breathe In.  It doesn’t

matter what’s there.  You can always find Something.  Breathe Out.  Also the people

at the flea market are always good.  Breathe In.  Last week Frankie described how happy

he was to buy two sinks.  Maybe it was faucets.  Breathe Out.

Peter bought me two of the  same pair of earrings because they were $2 and losing one

wouldn’t matter.  Breathe In. I’m always happy to have new earrings.

Breathe In.  Some people wear the same earrings

every single day.  Breathe Out.  Not me.

Always Delores

How Delores, although she is usually too

dizzy to dance doesn’t feel herself  87  Big List

of wrong body parts came here she can’t drink

anymore eats almost nothing doesn’t want to go to dinner

maybe another day says Delores always has

a present for the baby new earrings from Publisher’s Clearing House

as beautiful as always blonde hair as coifed as a movie star

white jeans for her long long legs good cleavage in her tight summer shirt

how Delores even weak and dizzy describes dancing

last week at Gavin’s, just one dance but still.


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