Stitches Bar, New York City

Three gay black men

two are named Jason

sit on my left.

Two fashionable women

very high shoes

good that they’re all

sitting down

I am drinking alone

in Stitches Bar

not usually

alone in a bar

but here I am

here I am and

I am actually glad

to be sitting between

the Jasons and their friend

next to the women

in the very high shoes

on my own high red stool.

Maybe I’ll

write a poem.

Esther Cohen
Let me tell you why I'm here, and why I hope you'll join me. I am here to poem, to play with words, to tell stories when I can, and to ask you for yours. Words are what I love, how I see, and what I say. Words are how I know my life, and how I find my friends. I'm here to ask you to join me. Right here. To send me your stories, and your poems. And to read mine when you can.


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