When We’re Passing Through

one of those inconceivably beautiful

states, let’s say Maine, absolutely oh my god villages

maybe Brooklin, where EB White wrote

Charlotte’s Web and he gave the town

the best library that every existed

a state with small sweet wild

blueberries finally enough homemade ice cream

every single day blueberry pie with homemade ice cream

imagine that you are lucky enough to pass through because

you vacation because you are lucky and privileged you

have a job went to college you have a husband

he works too you have more than enough of everything

even more than that and you can’t help but wonder

as you drive through Maine a very poor state

a small container of absolutely perfect tomatoes in a farmers

market costs seven dollars  the word organic

synonymous with holy nearly half the children in the state

don’t have enough to eat you wonder as you drive through

it is vacation you are in the light pink blur of vacation

you are happy because of all the ice cream you always wonder

how to connect the parts of life you wonder if there’s a way

there has to be a way for everyone to eat for everyone

to have wonderful tomatoes and

blueberry pie and all that ice cream



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