Don’t Miss This Going to the Socrates Sculpture Park

My new friend Julie isn’t it funny how sometimes you like people and sometimes you don’t based on almost nothing at all I liked Julie right away for no particular reason she said her parents were coming into town and she wondered where she should take them. Where should they go. ┬áCurious midwesterners she said. I know very few things. Certainly no Genuine Information. But I have always always known Where To Go. Especially in New York City, a place I have loved for so long.

Take them to Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City I said. It’s incredibly beautiful. I could tell you more but incredibly beautiful is the most appropriate description. Right on the water. There’s a newish piece there, an inside out piece you can walk into and around, beautiful strong harlem woman who is now almost a solid boat. It’s right across the street from the Noguchi studio and museum and if you like your sculpture in a more formal setting Noguchi is more or less perfect. There’s an interior Japanese garden at Noguchi where you can sit with someone you like or love or you can sit alone, all day. ┬áThen you can take a bus an easy bus to Astoria, and have one of those Greek meals you’d like to eat every day.

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