Emilia’s Restaurant, Bronx, NY (Don’t Miss This)

Dear Friends Thank you thank you for your encouragement about my non commercial Don’t Miss This GUIDEBOOK in verse. I’ll do it this summer.
Meanwhile, go to Arthur Avenue if you can. The subway isn’t right there so you have to walk a little. Which is in some ways a BIG PLUS. Where to eat is always a question. In the end though we always eat where we can Get In. Which was Emilia’s, last night.
Emilia’s Restaurant 2331 Athur Avenue Bronx, NY 10458
De Lillo Pastry Shop 610 East 187th Street Bronx NY 10458

Last night because it was warm
because I love Arthur Avenue
named for President Chester A. Arthur
did you know that last night
because it seemed like a good night
to go somewhere and have a good red
Italian meal it is often a good night
for a good red Italian meal
last night because we gave our 12 year old
Honda to Noah and Chesray and so
we were all in the car Peter driving
his Honda he loves his Honda we drove to celebrate
spring and Hondas we drove
through Dominican neighborhoods I’d like
to go back to Arthur Avenue where many
immigrants live it was all Italian once
still a place for sausages, biscotti
cannelloni there is no one who doesn’t like
Italian food many places were busy we were
early and we waited 10 minutes at Emilia’s
Zagat gave it a 15 for decor
we liked the decor it was friendly
and simple the room smelled wonderful
stuffed artichokes, zucchini blossoms,
wild boar pasta De Lillo Pastry Shop
down the street for dessert
last night because it was warm
and we were happy last night

Emilia’s Restaurant

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