Lena’s Dog Ava






She went missing.

Ava is her child,

her non-identical

astral twin is what

Lena said. Ava, a small

but sufficiently long

dachsaund, toenails

painted same bright orange

as Lena’s own


Lena believes

her dog would never

run away so when she


Lena knew she was

actually kidnapped.

People like cute dogs

Lena said.

They pick them up

Carry hem in their cars

to New York City

where they’re swallowed up

by all those streets.


The dog, she says

would never leave her.

People did but not

her dog. We’re truly attached

Lena said.


This morning she had

a phone date famous

dog psychic who’d know

if Ava was Dead or Alive.


Turns out Ava is just

Two counties over.

Happy enough.

Her new family

owns a blue Volvo

three years old.


Lena and the psychic

don’t know the Next Steps

but they made a phone date

to decide. Meanwhile

Lena has decided to take

Ava’s bereft friend Lily

Another dachshund, to

the movies this afternoon.

Maybe even to see

new Woody Allen.


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