What Love Looks Like: BOUND AND UNBOUND

I keep wanting to write a Don’t Miss This part of everyday. (And I don’t.)
JUDITH SCOTT- BOUND AND UNBOUND is at the Brooklyn Museum through March 29. It’s entirely wonderful. DON’T MISS THIS if you can. And if you’ve seen it once, go again. It’s one of those shows. (JUDITHANDJOYCE.COM)


Different twins,
one had Downs. She was
deaf. Her sister
was OK. They were part
of the same picture
the way all of us
are part of the same
So easy to
believe the picture’s
only us.
Judith made art
about what her life
was like inside.
Wrapped and mysterious
endlessly beautiful.
Joyce wrote about them
both. Joyce found
Judith and Judith
found Joyce.

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