What We Remember (Memorial Day)

Here are some messages for you, before the poem. Some people get poems twice because. Because. My internet mentor Ilana told me that you should keep the email that says mail chimp on the bottom. MAIL CHIMP. If you understand this you know more than I do. Also, ilana started a wonderful podcast https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-other-stories/id994789280. It’s called The Other Stories, for writers and people who like writers and stories. Here it is. And now a poem.

What We Remember

Soldiers are always young.
It’s hard to be
a soldier. You never
understand how could you what war is
what war means and why
we fight. What we remember
are specifics. Ideas
are in another category.

When we went to Vietnam
in February we met
many people North and South
telling stories of American
soldiers and their kindness.
Vietnamese liked American
soldiers more than the French.

I thought I understood
the Vietnam War
more than I did.

Yesterday on our way
to Price Chopper we stopped
at a road truck yard sale
hosted by Bill a Vietnam Veteran,
on Memorial Day.
We told Bill we’d been to Vietnam.
The war was the most complicated
time of his life. He loved it there,
Bill said. We bought a doll
from Bill a male doll with glasses
and plaid pants.
Maybe we’ll call
the doll Bill.

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