Thank You Thank You Thank You

A while ago when I first realized I was actually GETTING OLDER, I started writing secular there isn’t a god but anyway I want to pray prayers. They were an experiment, a funny kind of anti holy holy project. I put them everywhere: napkins envelopes notebooks any surface where I could write. i scattered them, and did not gather them together in one prayer place. Now though, I am gathering them together a little more.

Dear Maybe God and Maybe Not

of pomegranates of bananas
of the pedestrian Mackintosh and also
the incomparable Honey Crisp
of Oak Leaf Lettuce and Iceberg
god of our across the street neighbors
who bought a high plastic fence
god of the eighty year old postmistress who said
yesterday all men only want one thing
(and her friend Martha said what
and they both laughed for five minutes straight)
god of my ex yoga teacher Noel
he announced you have to be meshugah
to want to do yoga
god of sweet corn and community college
god of lloyd the local mechanic
who married the fourth time this summer
to a woman whose car broke down
god of every single summer
even when it rains god of pillows
and cherries god of every single person
god of today and tomorrow
even yesterday help us pay attention.

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