Rose, or Don’t Miss This

Rose sits on the right hand side
of the market every single Sunday,
resplendent in purple fur hat, long coat,
smile as wide as the schoolyard.
Many of us are addicted to
the piles of Rose, only six
dollars for clothing that someone else
bought once, someone else wore
to a prom or a first date someone else
thought dark green velvet dress
suitable for many occasions
I do too and on a good week I go
to Rose to excavate and extract
to choose golden boots ten dollars
yesterday to talk to Rose for her
continual advice (You need a new
rain coat Esther everyone does)
One day Little Richard visited Rose
with his entourage. Rose said he comes
twice a year to her warehouse
in the Bronx and fills up a small
yellow bus. When I expressed
amazement Little Richard! Rose said
did you really believe you
were my only customer?

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