Cleaning Something: An Estimate

Every once in a while, especially when the weather is warm, we get the idea to Clean Something : a rug, a couch. This does not happen often.

Two square men, a little like
live versions
of Sponge Bob Square Pants
came to estimate
cleaning our rugs.
They drove from
Schenectady an hour and a half
away. They’re both
very neat. The younger man
said he is actually
in telecommunications. He said
I could make money myself
if I signed up for a
No Limit Phone Service and he
would earn $400.00.
The older guy
he wore pressed Bermudas
flag pin, striped shirt
he said that he would do
the difficult job of estimating
what it would cost
to clean our rug
without any outside
assistance. He emphasized
that the difficulty is
not immediately evident.
But he knows. In the end
we didn’t clean
our rugs.

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