Bridey and Jim



While she was cleaning

Anastasia said Bridey

won’t go out with Jim again

mainly because she doesn’t like

his shirts although there are

other reasons and he’s not

open to changing them.

They can be frayed

they can be less

than they should be

a man she dates

should have nice shirts,

Bridey told Anastasia.

Reason two, she said,

was that when they last

went out to dinner

they are both seventy nine

they like prime rib

Jim made good money

Selling insurance Bridey works

she still works

in a school as an administrator

she likes the word

administrator she says it often

Jim has much more money

than Bridey no family none

even though he’s Irish

he’s been divorced forever

he asked her to split

the prime ribs bill

as if shirts

weren’t reason enough.