Eight Agents, One Husband

For years now
I’ve proposed an article
about writers
and agents Eight Agents
One Husband
is my title for years now
Illustrious Prestigious
Places that talk about
Writing have written
to me This Might
Be Funny (One Woman
wrote me that it could even
be Very Funny) but
Such an Article
she really did say
Such an Article
is Dangerous
for Those of Us
in the business.
Dangerous because
what if I named names?
I wrote her back
that if I’d had
eight husbands
I would want to
Tell The Reader
what their names
were but I am
perfectly willing
to make their names up.
NO NO NO she said.
There are some things
she told me
that are just taboo.
A few days ago
I had lunch with
Ilana one of my
favorite young writers.
We talked about
what we want to write.
Eight agents one husband
I said. And she
just laughed.

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