Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Vedic Astrologer (Don’t Miss This)

I have a long list, written on pieces of paper with no particular order, not easy to find either (they aren’t in folders, organized by subjects. They aren’t on my desktop in folders either) of THINGS in many categories that I want to do. And maybe I will, one day. One of these is to visit
Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Vedic Astrologer.

Dr. Rakesh Kumar
www.ishwarcenter.org (718) 4291892

Friends and even strangers
tell me about experiences
they had with people who
made them feel better. That is
people who told them something
that opened a window
or a small door. Some
mentioned Dr. Rakesh Kumar,
Vedic Astrologer and when
I googled him because
I like his name there is
something better about the name
Rakesh Kumar than other names
and also Vedic Astrologer
has a certain ring even though
I am not a particularly
heebie jeebie person I do not
talk to gods or spirits
but I saw him smiling
I’ve never seen an Indian Afro
before I saw Rakesh Kumar and he
looked like he could tell me
something good so I wrote him down
in one of the many
MUJI notebooks I bought
for this very purpose I use them
for other purposes too and I know
that going to Queens to see
Dr. Rakesh Kumar is probably
very good thing for us all.

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