Thanksgiving Week / Price Chopper Poem 1

We ran into Shmulik
he’s Sid now
Gay Hasid in Catskill New York
lived in Munsey,
Jerusalem and then New York.
He was buying sale Bounty Paper Towels
for his religious mother.
Two for the price of one.
Sid said (he seems more like
Shmulik) Sid said he is finally
he means it in love.
They met on line and then on body.
Jim lives in a small town
in Mississippi. He’s 20 years younger
but Hasidim, said Sid, don’t mind
age differences. Jim is studying
to be a cosmetologist. Both Jim
and Sid admire Big Hair.
Invite me over for tea
Sid says and I’ll tell you how
I know for sure that
this is Real Love.