So often it’s very difficult to have any idea what TO DO, especially if you are the TO DO type. Baltimore, Nepal, genocide anniversary, more. Many many years ago I had dinner with Nachum Goldman, a wise man and president of the World Zionist Congress. Israel was in the middle of war.
What do we do I asked him? For now he said we should listen to music. That night we went to Lincoln Center.

Baltimore riots
texted two people
in Baltimore more than that
hard to know what to do
hard to know how
to understand oppression and anger.
I posted a Facebook story
not sure why
I’ve started posting Facebook stories
holocaust survivor
reuniting with her Nazi guard
Some Facebook friends
said no. On Sunday we went
to a Times Square rally
100 years after Armenian genocide
remember remember
we won’t forget
their T-shirts said.
Forgetting isn’t the problem.
Forgetting isn’t the issue either.
I’m in the Doing Something
category. Hard
to know what to do.
Today what I did
and what I’ll do again
this is not a solution
not an answer either
listen to Tracy Chapman
singing Stand by Me.

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