Sylvia is 103 tomorrow, or My Friend Sylvia

Dear Friends who send me notes saying that you liked the idea of What They Said. It’s funny because that’s the title of a book I’ve been working on forever (I work on books forever) and several Publishing Officials didn’t understand what What They Said means. Aha. Tomorrow is the 103rd birthday of my amazing intrepid friend Sylvia, Sylvia with a memorable voice. Imagine if you can hearing Sylvia now.

Esta she says
she doesn’t like ers
Esta she repeats
in case I didn’t hear her
the first time
you remember
don’t you
you are too young
for dementia
or are you
you remember
how much I like
Chinese food that’s
where I want to
go again this year
when we celebrate
because I probably
only have a few
more years so I
might as well eat
all the shrimp
I can and then
ice cream. We’ll
go somewhere else
for that.