What Happened This Morning, Already


Nothing, and then
all that is small that is
every single day.

My friend Lin
said there is snow
in upstate New York.
Mental Floss
what a good name
for a website I should
change my own website’s name
has a long piece about
Robin Williams
making Aladdin and how Gilbert Gottfried
one of my favorites
was the third choice
and another piece
on Lorne Michaels
favorite SNLs.
I could read Mental Floss
all day.
Help me scam
email one of those I
don’t have money and need some
came from my old
swimming teacher Haftom Ambaye.
He was a better teacher
than I am a swimmer.
I applied to give an EVE talk not TED
at a conference in June.
Beneth Sauer wrote another
beautiful haiku.
And I read it. Steve emailed
that he will come for Thanksgiving.
Peter made our morning lattes.
It is not yet nine o’clock.

Every single day
its own odd poem.
I wish I knew how
to write it all down.