Maybe life as simple as breathing


I can’t remember a week like this before. A week about love, and grace.  A baby named AHAVA, the Hebrew word for love.  Obama giving a eulogy that we will all remember, about amazing grace. The Supreme Court actually making an incredible decision in favor of love.





I was at a meeting

about God Knows What

Peter working on

a trailer for his movie

Noah called to say

Chesray’s labor

had begun

she would come

to our apartment

with her doula

we were waiting waiting for life

to begin real person

arms, legs

and a heart

fluorescent lights

all exhausted

nervous then in awe

Could This Be What Life Is

could it be this simple

Ahava born at 6:45 am

she who brings love to the world

eight pound baby

and we stood there


what happened

as common as air

as common as breath

as common

as life