Real Meditation : Just Say No

Breathe in.  You don’t have to pretend to smile.

It’s pretty beautiful today.  Warm but not

too warm. Breathe Out.  You can go to the waterfall. It’s about 15 minutes away.

Breathe In.  You don’t have to go to the waterfall.  Just go if you

really want to. Breathe In.  Yesterday you avoided seeing someone

you didn’t want to see.  It’s hard to say No.  Breathe Out.  But you did it.

Actually said no.  No No No.  Meditate on the word No.  It can be

good.  Breathe In.  Wisdom says Yes is Better.  Breathe Out.  Not always.

Sometimes No is Better.  Breathe In.  Don’t Worry Too Much About Hurting

Someone’s Feelings By Not Doing What They Want You to Do.  Breathe Out.

Sometimes No is Right.  Breathe In.  No No No No No.

Breathe Out a long and satisfying Yes.


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