A while

It’s been a while. Where I went can’t be easily explained. The simple explanation is Sarasota but that’s not the real story. Of course it is possible to write everything and anything from Sarasota. But I didn’t.
Maybe tomorrow I’ll tell you why.

Jeanette Winterson is an amazing writer

Here’s what she says about stories:
What do stories tell us? That this life is a journey through a dark wood. That the soul is always in peril. That those who love should never count the cost. That duty and passion tear the heart in half. That beauty is as good a reason as any. That understanding is all. That miracles happen. That there are heroes. That even a hero like Siegfried, who can row against the current of the RHine, is destroyed by his own vanity and forgetfulness. That wisdom is pain but pain is not wisdom. That the buried treasure is really there. That few things are worth the burden of possession. That no one can steal what no one can possess. That there is always a second chance. That there is love.

WHY I don’t Write, or Some Artificial Reasons

Anything is a good excuse.
There is always laundry (although
I rarely go to the basement to do it)
and then there is the problem
of words. Where are they?
What about depositing the check
that’s been sitting on my desk for a week?
I should really pick up
some bottled water. I haven’t talked
to my friend Sue in months. Going to
yoga class is a good idea. I feel
a little stiff. The library books
are nearly due. We don’t have
what we need for dinner. And
maybe I’m not a real writer anyway.
Then what?

Some of What I Love in New York

A woman named Julie told us about a free school to teach progressive economics, started 100 years ago by a man named Henry George, an enemy of Karl Marx, who wanted to eliminate poverty. Julie goes to the free school on Wednesday nights. She loves it. I’d like to go too. Does this qualify as a LEGITIMATE POST? It’s not a poem. It’s not a constructive or helpful thought. Even so.


Turkish Restaurants


Peter is Armenian.

I believe in forgiveness.

So does he.

Not to go to a Turkish restaurant

seems  insane and even silly.

People who work there

probably had nothing to do

with what happened

to his family. Governments

are different from people.

We both believe

holding on is not a good idea.

Even so when it’s time

to go out to dinner, we don’t

go very often

to Turkish restaurants

even though we both

like them


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