Israel and Palestine

Even if you

are not obsessed

with Israel and Palestine (I am)

even if you’ve never been

to Gaza or Jerusalem (I have)

even if you

don’t dream at least

once a month for many years

of what you once saw

even just an orange grove

or the sea of course

there are seas and orange groves

in other places even if you didn’t go

at twenty to a country full

of hope and plans

rich with the languages

of  poems

where many arms were wide open

even if you accepted newspaper wisdom

how hard for all of this

to finally stop

i still after all these many years

i still believe in people themselves

no matter what we are every one of us

more or less the same and no one

wants a child to die

we are all heart broken

heartsick these painful days

even if you are not (I am) a hopeful type

it’s hard not to imagine

not to pray even if you don’t pray


nelson mandela


a beautiful strong woman

in a wide brimmed hat

will lead us all away


Don’t miss this

Always wanted to
Write a don’t miss this blog
Without ever using
the awful word blog

Maybe in poems
picture or two
Matthew could take them

Every day something
Amazing or just good enough

Today’s would be
The first two videos

You should would could might
Watch him

Ziggy at Dinner

Did you know

Ziggy shouted

he shouts because

he’s deaf and he assumes his listeners

can’t hear either

his hearing aides always in his right breast pocket

did you know

he repeated to make sure we heard

the question

ziggy is 86 a German man

came over in the 40’s

mister fix it

there’s nothing he can’t do

bees, Chinese Smoker,

big stainless steel pig roaster

he made the whole thing then finds

the perfect pig

he can fix anything except his ears

did you know he said

that my mother’s mother in Germany

was Jewish and my neighbor the rabbi

said that makes me Jewish too. Maybe

he laughed my name is really Izzy.

Why I Write

To tell you about

my aunt Bessie 85

not attractive in the usual ways

she is not fashionable

her nose is very generous

she has big big arms

she had 2 lovers the last 3 years

of her life. One was better

than the other.  She called him

Mister Simon Harry Hirsch,

a retired labor lawyer who was,

she said, imagination defying, and

well worth any wait. She attributed

her unusual love life

to her lifelong habit

of frequently

eating cantaloupes.


well worth the long wait. She attributed

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