Anna Sui Sample Sale

At yesterday’s Anna Sui sample sale
West 38th Street
I love all sample sales
even when the clothing
has no relationship to mine
down jackets, for instance
I still just look
because it’s the looking
I go for.
At yesterday’s Anna Sui sample sale
I found a pair of gold shoes
marked $1,000. They were $30. Take a picture
of the price tag and text it to your husband
said the man working there.
Why would I do that? I asked him.
He will want to know
how much money he saved.
It’s my money I said. And how
do you know I have a husband
anyway? You people are crazy he said.
You shoppers. Nothing you do
makes sense. And then he smiled at me.
And I bought the gold shoes.

I’m Getting Older (redux)

I’ve never prayed before.
What I’ve done
on some occasions
is mumble and sing
when the times
were appropriate.
But now, for reasons of body parts
teeth especially
and friends
for reasons
of Republicans and news
and because I am
at last suddenly
after all these years
Getting Older,
now I find myself
praying. My prayers
are poems and music.
I don’t dance
often enough.
My prayers involve
listening. They are stories.
Simple stories. They are
not intended for any kind
of deity. Even a Good Woman
of All Colors and All Genders.
They are written every single
day. For you.

The Day After The Disaster of Last Night’s Elections, or Hope

We watched
knowing what we watched
worse than unbearable
funny there’s always an And Yet
maybe now
maybe soon
there will be a better way
for us all
if we don’t stop fighting
if we don’t stop looking
if we don’t stop

Where Sue Dreams

She’s in one of those places,
former castle
former Jesuit monastery
former summer cottage
former ashram
new age summer camp
stained glass windows decorated
with turtles and snails
pictures of smiling Indians
from India
Sue is dreaming
with a professional.
He guides her dreams
up into clouds. He says he can
turn visual dreams
to audio.
To do that, he says,
isn’t easy.
What do audio dreams
sound like?
Maybe I’ll take
his course.

Slaters Supermarket Writing Group

Many book clubs writing groups
many of us who gather for one reason
or another we are more or less the same.
We love Barbara Kingsolver
or Barack Obama we see foreign films
we all exercise.
Slater’s Supermarket Writing Class
in Cairo, New York sponsored by
Cairo Public Library free for anyone who shops
at the supermarket doesn’t matter if they buy
twinkies or sheeps milk yogurt
one dollar cake or three dollar water
eight supermarket shoppers came to write last night We
live in this county and shop at Slaters.
Our unifying factor. One woman,
overweight single mother on crutches,
began her first exercise her introduction
to all of us: In another life
she wrote, I will be a novelist
or a painter. I’ll live alone,
with rotating lovers. Earning a living
will not be a problem. And I’ll say no
much less often than yes.

Menu Love (Not Tinder)

Tobias EK, Swede

with no shoulders, unlikely

for a Swede, left a message

a sort of surreptitious love note

on several menus at Tagine, his

favorite restaurant, hoping

for an observant paramour. He said

I Love Lamb Tagine. If You Do Too,

Let’s Have Tagine Together.

Email meĀ at

Five women wrote to him.

They said they liked, loved, adored,

enjoyed and even cooked

Lamb Tagine. He dated

all five, and ended up

actually living

with the woman who used

the word adored.


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