New Dermatologist Adam Geyer (COVID)

Peggy said everyone likes him even those

who don’t like anyone so I went to Dr. Adam

Geyer of Tribeca Dermatology

for my first ever skin check.

I’m in the Oh No category of too pale too old

Ashkenazi Jews and every day more or less

I see something somewhere that wasn’t there before

and then I google to see what it is and find

horrible pictures of flesh eating possibilities but

yesterday I went to check them all out with a

paid professional Dr. Adam Geyer, Peggy’s

favorite and when he walked in, young and ont ime

he said I’m Adam,  Tell me everything that’s

making you nervous now. Was I

limited to skin I asked.

Absolutely not he said.

I Am Going on the Subway Today (COVID)

Going on the subway today

as common as walking

almost every day I have lived in this city

I’ve gone on the subway not just for work

but for Everywhere

Going on the subway today

for an appointment with the dermatologist

way downtown and I am nervous

just a little not a lot about going on the subway

though I’ve done it a few times since March

very few but now  relearning  life

I will even show my maskless mouth one day

I practice for normalcy

by taking the A train downtown.


How Do You Find Something to Write About (Bill) (COVID)

In class yesterday a woman named Marilyn

said How Do You Find Subjects to Write About.

I suggested to Marilyn we know one another

just a little on Zoom  she take out a notebook and

write the title Bill and spend 15 minutes writing about Bill

any Bill at all and she wrote a whole story about a man

named Bill who was a 62 year old homeless detective

and when she read to our class she was

happy about her Bill.



(or can you review a movie with a poem?)


We love Kelly Reichardt ‘s movies Wendy and Lucy

her first so when we saw she made FIRST COW

although the subject matter didn’t seem exactly

what we’d like to see two men in 1820’s Oregon who

bake cookies with stolen milk I don’t care

about plot anyway  character counts more for me

and only one friend Cal who saw it didn’t like it much I think

he said it was TOO SLOW last night we watched

FIRST COW at our on the couch 40th anniversary

celebration and although it actually was about two

men and stolen milk,  we were happy watching

Kelly Reichardt’s beautiful movie.  Even mesmerized.

40 Years (COVID)

Forty years ago  Super Bowl Sunday

we were forty years younger imagine that

the words don’t make much sense forty years ago today

The Terrace at Columbia University a top

of the world restaurant Dusan Bernic

the chef  said Let’s Make the Food Adventuresome

and I thought Oh Oh but we did

and people came my friend Henry marcelled my hair

Peter wore an actual suit in our pictures we look

young and nervous and unsure what would happen

how could we have known that  forty years later in this crazy

pandemic which seems to have been going on forever

we would still be happy just sitting here on the couch.

Rejections (COVID)

Dear Esther Cohen

Do we know one another, by the way?  A familiar name.  I suppose because there are many of you.

Here’s the reason I’m writing  We will not (NOT) use


for many reasons.  One of which is Subject Matter.

If you’re interested in knowing more

specifics, feel free to ask.

Yours,  J. Rothenberg

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