Is There Such a Thing as an Unnature poem? (COVID)

Some of the greatest poets so many of them some of the greatest

of all poets Mary Oliver for example she writes about geese and all

she sees tells us to go into the woods to look around and even though

I like everyone else Love Mary Oliver even though I’m ok with geese

and woods and how beautiful our porch is I’d like to bring every reader

of poems right here so you can see how beautiful this porch is not just yellow

still for me and I know it’s not an either or situation but still for me

when I think about beauty and what I see that makes me happy

what are my wild geese it’s always people and their faces and

all those words they say.

September 11 (COVID)

A piece of the world changed   l9 years ago

security rules  new fear impossible loss

Guantanamo and now on this September 11

nineteen years later we think about what we remember

where we were then afterwards pictures on pillars

missing people so many pictures

people who never went home  now here we are

another impossible time, sickness and this president,

fires and fires and the whole world newly masked and for now

we do not hug one another.  We wait and wait

for vaccines and elections and for life, whatever it will become,

for life to be life again.

Why I Am Late Writing This Poem (COVID)

Ahava wanted to play Barbie Dream House.

I am never Barbie.  She assigns me a role, often

Barbie’s friend who comes to visit.

Dr. Kempf called for Bruce.  Bruce isn’t here so

the doctor wanted to talk to me.  He said  there’s a new

show on HGTV about great apartments in the Mediterranean.

I could rent  a gorgeous 2 bedroom on the Andalusian coast

for under $2,000 he said.  I was glad

he asked no medical questions.

The gas man called to say he’s on his way

to fix the stove.  And now, nearly 11,

I may or may not have a poem.

Today We Will Pick Apples (COVID)


Years ago I picked apples on kibbutz

early morning before the sun rose

we’d start  picking and after a while

a break large perfect breakfast

best meal of the day

picked apples until noon and then we were free.

So many perfect apples on those trees.

I wrote a letter home saying Life Could Not

Be Better Than This wanted to stay

on kibbutz forever and maybe I could figure out a way

to continue the new simplicity. I didn’t know

nothing absolutely nothing

is simple. Even picking apples.


We Are Side by Side (COVID)

Black Lives Matter and Trump 2020

we live on a long road side by side and now

we eye each other with suspicion

I even asked the babysitter

who she’ll vote for

woman in the post office still undecided

I  didn’t want to seem  judgmental

she told me about how much she doesn’t know

and I who don’t know much myself about

thousands of things names of birds

facts of life I’ve never learned the facts of life

know how randomly decisions are made

we have to do a better job

learning to talk to one another

even now.




Now when some of us home considering what life means

what matters when we see so clearly how all workers

make life possible how tightly our lives are woven together all of us

in this very same picture no matter where we are sitting

now when we clap each night at 7 o’clock

for people who go to the hospital no matter what

the job they chose or the job that chose them

is cradle to grave when we order oranges and a person brings

those oranges when the big white trucks pick up  garbage

someone drives those trucks hoists  black bags in when we

get our mail eat bread  call the pharmacy we know people

are behind the mail and the bread and the drugs we need

now  even though we are mostly

inside for a while still we can celebrate every single person

more than a village maybe the size of a smallish state say

Connecticut working always working for us all.



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