Today’s Poem is about You

Dear Reader,

Today’s poem is for You.

I am grateful you

read these poems in Missoula Montana

Fargo North Dakota  imagine a reader

in Bhutan  even two and down this road on County Route 20

Dear Reader of course this would be a poem

if I did not have you but because you are

this poem is a person poem,

and I who write them become a we

every  day.



Real Meditations: I Lost My Glasses

Breathe In.  I lost my glasses.  Again.  Breathe Out. They’re just glasses.  Breathe In.  I like them. Also, I paid a lot of money for them.  And they turn into sunglasses.  And we’re going away next week.  I need sunglasses.  Breathe Out.  You have other sunglasses.  Breathe In.  I don’t like that I lose everything.  It must be a metaphor.  Maybe there’s a reason I lost my glasses in particular.  Something I don’t want to see.  Breathe Out.  Glasses can just be glasses.  Breathe In. I’ve looked in every single place where they could be.  Peter always says they’re in the bed or under it.  Usually.  But not this time.  I took the bed apart. Breathe Out.  I didn’t lose them. I couldn’t have.   Breathe In.  And even if I did, they’re just glasses.  Breathe Out. I bought a great pair of sunglasses last weekend at the flea market.  They have bamboo sides and were a dollar.  No problem losing them.  Breathe In.  Most people don’t lose their glasses.  They have one pair or two and just put them on and take them off.  Breathe In.  I have many glasses but the ones I like are the ones I lost.  Breathe Out.  I think I’ll take an outdoor shower so I can stop thinking about my glasses.   Breathe In.  The glasses are on the shelf in the shower.  Breathe Out.  I’m glad I decided to take a shower.

Real Meditations: The Microbiome

Dear READERS:  Some people like the meditations and some people don’t.  Just like File Folders.  I will continue with them. (But not with File Folders)  YOU NEVER HAVE TO READ any poems that don’t appeal to you.  EVER.


Breathe In.  Many people seem to be saying the word Microbiome.  Especially in the alternative community.  Breathe Out.  I didn’t know what the word meant .  You probably didn’t either.  Breathe Out.  I like  many words.  Words like escalator.  Breathe In. I don’t like the word microbiome very much.  Although there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with it.  Breathe In.  Here’s the definition in case you have a vague idea:  a community of microorganisms: bacteria, archaea, fungi, viruses, that inhabit an organism.  That organism being YOU.  Breathe Out.  You don’t have to know this.  Not really.  Breathe In.  For some reason every single day I get advice about my microbiome.  Breathe Out.  Advice can be endless.  Breathe In.  Today’s  from Dr. Pedram Shojai famous expert (how did he get my email?) Take a Probiotic Supplement with Prebiotics and Polyphenols.  Breathe Out.  You don’t have to Do Anything with your Microbiome or anything else.  Breathe In. You can even forget the word altogether.  Breathe Out. It’s gone just like that.


File Folders

Last night at dinner we talked about File Folders.  Sangeeta had a great idea.


I do not have

file folders am never sure how to file

was never a good filer although I know

the alphabet understand the principles

of filing putting what belongs together

in the same file but I am not interested

in what already belongs together have wanted

to mix up categories forever not put all the same

people at one dinner table as one small example

especially all relatives all Jews all people the same age

more or less though sometimes the same is a good idea

it’s usually not and file folders have implied uniformity

to me Con Ed Bills in one and that would be an incredibly

boring file folder but Sangeeta said I have an idea

she has many many ideas in a variety of categories

she could always be at my table she does not fit easily

into a category or a file folder either I have an idea

she said at dinner, having ordered pink deviled eggs:

call them all Miscellaneous she said and this morning,

using an orange magic marker I took out the confusing manilla file folders

sitting on a book shelf just in case

and I wrote the word Miscellaneous knowing now

anything at all say a Good Poem a Menu an old letter I don’t want

to throw away even a Con Ed bill should I have one

anything at all would be welcome inside.

What a Day This Is (and Yesterday and Tomorrow)

Although I have been trying for a Very Long Time

forever more or less To Describe What I See to Describe

What I Hear To Describe and Describe  started with neighbors

Julia C. Steele her secret lover Rebecca McGrath

Ida B. Gordon on the other side she didn’t love her husband Harry  took me years

to see what days look like to look at days especially days in August when there is an

Upstate New York Green far greater than Green  no green words enough

for how this feels   I sit inside lush dense yes miraculous growing life

even tomatoes and hydrangea and wild orange liles even black locust trees

every single year this year especially because of rain and hope and because

of how life happens in spite of us and because of us too

although summer does not last forever nothing does except

August and Green even if you can’t describe them not really you can try you can

hint you can even allude or you can just sit right here.

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