The Day After Thanksgiving (COVID)


We gave thanks that we could walk to the park even have a drink

squash blossoms appetizer we gave thanks that there will be

a vaccine and a new president and people in the cabinet who

know what they’re doing and that Yayoi Kasuma was the first

woman to make a Thanksgiving Day balloon as part of her 90th

birthday and  we are living through this crazy pandemic with thousands of things

to watch at home Good Lord Bird last night and plenty of food

and bottles of wine and we know we are lucky and we give thanks for that too.

Thanksgiving (COVID)

I’ve always liked Thanksgiving even when

Noah’s kindergarten teacher sent us a note

about Native Americans suggesting we

change the holiday not Pilgrims I liked

just people eating together I have

always been thankful for people

eating together and on Thanksgiving that’s what we did

especially in the country   room for infinite

people enough dishes  because of all those flea markets

although it is still Thanksgiving and I am

glad to be here today without Covid without

That President soon still I am in this apartment  no one can come inside

we will eat a good meal as always read a poem or two

give thanks that this will not last forever that something resembling

democracy will happen in January we will go for a walk

in the park still beautiful cold does not make the park less beautiful

we are grateful and lucky and know for us all there will be next year.


Hackers (COVID)

Email from a woman who lives near us in the country an older1

woman gracious and kind she was once

a high school English teacher husband died a few years ago.

she wrote with a Hacker Story:

her nephew’s birthday was today and she couldn’t leave her house

because she’d fallen and broken two ribs and could I who do not know

her well who don’t live nearby could I get an Amazon gift card for one

hundred dollars  send it to her for her nephew and she would repay

me immediately I wondered if there was any way to actually see

the hacker imitating the older woman in the country and if there

was anyone on this planet who would send a one hundred dollar Amazon

gift certificate just because, and why if that hacker was writing a story

why it wasn’t more elaborate:  a fire  a flood just an explosion.


20 Toothbrushes (COVID)

I read Next Door everyday,

online bulletin board where people ask questions:

Who Is a Good Dentist. Where Can I Find a Heater.

I have always loved classified ads personals in particular

for what they say and what they don’t and yesterday a man

wrote I have 20 toothbrushes to give away don’t ask me how

I got them and I asked him anyway how did he get them

but he wouldn’t say only that it was a long dull story involving

Shoprite in New Jersey and coupons and I thought that if he

didn’t want to tell me the story at least I’d write a poem.

Polling (COVID)

Peter read a piece this morning that explained

why polls  didn’t work in the last two

elections only one in 100 people agree to answer polls

I answer and try to get the pollster to tell

me a little something too.  Last week someone called

from an NYU Poll on Aging and she asked

questions about odd subjects like efficiency (I am

not efficient) and  I asked if I was entitled

to ask her a question too and she said sure and I said

What is the Question You’d Like to be Asked

What’s the first song I’ll sing when I finally get on stage to do my one woman

show if that day ever comes.   Aretha Franklin’s RESPECT, she said.

And we both said goodbye.

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