When They Got Home (Serial 9)

Ken and Milly were both smoking cigarettes

when they got out of the police car.  They walked up

the six stairs in front of their house both of them

saying absolutely nothing but the minute they walked

inside the door two doors really a screen first and then an old wooden

door Milly shouted and she was not a shouter What In The World

Did You Do?  I’m an embezzler Ken said and in a funny way

Ken who was a simple man, humble even Ken looked proud of himself.

Milly couldn’t believe this.  They’d been married 48 years.  Her

husband who she’d seen every single day who she knew inside out

her husband was an embezzler?  What in the world had

he taken?  And why?  How could there be a part of him

she just didn’t know?

Milly Pays the Bail Bond But She Doesn’t Want To (Serial 8)

Ken didn’t look Milly in the eye.  He usually did.  She

could tell he was embarrassed.  He was not easily embarrassed.

He’d grown up on the streets of the Bronx. At that moment

Milly wondered if every single thing she knew about him

for all those years and years was just a lie.  He was a gruff

man with no soft sides.  He’d never once given her flowers or

told her she looked nice or just held her in his arms for no reason.

Even so they’d been together ever since they were young.  They

weren’t young now.  She knew that whatever he had done

no matter how horrendous, and she was hoping it wasn’t horrendous,

she would stay with him forever.  When the Sheriff said the bail

was one thousand dollars Milly, who held onto every nickel as long

as she could, just said OK.   Ken looked relieved and the two Toms

drove them home.  In the police car no one said even one word.


Milly Got into the Police Car With The Two Toms (Serial 7)

Milly Got Into the Police Car with the Two Toms

and she didn’t know what to say so she

chain smoked asked about their families but she

was so worried about Ken she didn’t hear their

answers: various versions of fine.  Finally when they

arrived at the police station in downtown Catskill maybe

fifteen minutes that seemed forever she got out of the car

forgetting about her bad knee entirely she just got right out of the car

bounded actually  ran into the station and there, right there

sitting in a room with buzzing fluorescent lights,  an innocuous

chair, that color of green, there right there smoking a Pall Mall

as innocent as can be, there was Ken.  Milly walked over.  Ken

did not stand up.  What did you do?  she shouted.  Nothing he said.

Absolutely nothing.   She did not believe him.


The Two Toms Talk to Hilda (Serial Novel Part 6)

Tom Euell and Tom Dunne had been friends

in high school and now they were both policemen.

Tall and short, they liked one enough well enough

to socialize with their wives twice a year.  Barbecue.

Tom Euell spoke more than Tom Dunne.  They were

young. Most of their job involved traffic tickets and alcohol.

They often stopped drunk speeding teenagers.

That was mostly what they did.  Tom Euell looked at Hilda

smoking nervously in her aunt’s rocking chair.  He asked her a question

and he knew what her answer would be.  “Is Ken home?” he said.

His voice shook a little.  Hilda, who often looked worried, looked

more worried now.  “He’s working,” she said.  “Double time on

Saturdays.”  “No he isn’t,” said Tom with certainty.  “He’s down

at the police station.  We can take you there.”  “What happened?”

asked Hilda.  She could barely speak.  “He’ll tell you,” Tom said.

Ken and Milly (Serial 5)

One day the police came to the door.  Big Tom and Not So Big Tom.

Partners for years.  Ken and Milly knew them both.

Milly was sitting on her favorite rocking chair that had belonged to

her Aunt May.  Ken was out in his truck.  When he worked

on Saturdays his pay was double.  Ken was a Teamster.  He

never went to meetings.  Milly was actually smoking a cigarette.

She didn’t smoke often.  Just once in a while to unwind.  She’d had a

hard week. A nurse in a Catholic hospital in Albany,  she felt there

were never enough nurses for the patients.  She often felt torn in two.

Milly smiled at the Toms.  But they did not smile back.

Ken’s Wife Milly (Serial Poem 3)

Milly and Ken met in Brooklyn.

Seventeen and twenty.  They met

at O’Lunney’s Irish Bar.  That was that

according to Milly,  in nursing school then.

Ken drove a truck.  They decided early on

to have two children to move to the country

to move their jobs upstate .  Milly

was thin and energetic. She wore capris

and  gardened and baked.

Milly worked as a nurse. Ken  drove a truck.

Their son and daughter grew up in the country. They

lived a quiet enough life.  Beer and cigarettes for Ken.

He watched sports on TV and Milly always cooked.

But life is never as simple as it seems.





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