Annie and Joe: Another Love Poem Not Because it’s February

Last night I dreamt about

Annie and Joe and how much they love

each other not loved but love

and how my friend Doug said Wait Until You See Annie and Joe

they are a real couple we all had dinner

in a corner restaurant that isn’t there any more

a while ago so much  is

a while ago  I sat next to Joe many times for years

I sat next to Joe first thing he said was

Do You Want to Know How I Met Annie

he’d cast her in a Kelloggs commercial

she knew how to eat cereal and he laughed and I knew

what he meant  and we all started knowing one another

the way friends do  dinners and stories and sometimes we would

spend a weekend away and on their twentieth wedding anniversary

we all went to Italy to a house they rented in Lucca on top of a hill

where they played music and showed us that all of us could dance.

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