Finding Old Friends Now (Corona Virus Poems)

Because I am a bad sleeper

I listened to James Taylor’s audio book believing

his first 21 years could help me sleep.

Harrowing not lulling still his story reminded me

I hadn’t talked to my college roommate’s first husband Davey in over 40 years.

He and James Taylor were friends in Chapel Hill.

A Maine psychiatrist with a wife three children,  we wouldn’t

have had much time or occasion to talk before. When I called he said

he’d had a happy life: good work, good family,  of course

there had been  problems: diseases etcetera. He remembered

how so long ago  we were all in Washington

a big group of us inside Susan Bissell’s apartment having a party

we heard a rain storm and he said Let’s Go Stand in the Rain

and we all did.



Sunday Corona Virus


I am easily distracted could never be

a research scientist or someone who sits

in the exact same chair

no routines except one or two and now

take Levothyroxine each morning

now home on my couch big enough

to often change my spot

now  on Sunday instead of  of walking downstairs  to discover

what’s in the flea market never been a day where there wasn’t something

collected umbrella handles so many years

and now in a way I haven’t been maybe ever, now I am right here.

Dentists A Personal Story

(even though I don’t usually write poems on Saturday Gary sent me a very good story about his dentists last night. It’s been a while since I wrote a dental poem.)


Milton Turkoff was my first dentist.  He

was my father’s friend.  My father said Milton

had hands like fists.

Alan Gordon  dentist number two.  His wife

was his hygienist.  She left him for a man

who might have been in The Mob and some

people said she became a Go Go Dancer.

Then Alan married my Cousin Margie.

Dentist three insisted we all call him Henry.

He had a good sense of humor.

One day he abruptly moved to San Francisco.

Dentist four was on Central Park West.

Several people referred to him as

a Shoemaker, which wasn’t a good word

for a dentist.

Dentist five was Pamela.  She had the

Best Back Story of any dentist.  Fascinating

novelistic bi-racial dysfunction.  We became

good friends and then she married a patient

and had a baby and her life changed for the

better and for the worse..

Dentist six was Martin Rabinowitz. One day

in his chair he was a mega talkative dentist

so I loved going there in spite of my

tooth problems he told me something one day

about a famous person’s mouth and said Never Tell This To Anyone.

I couldn’t wait to come home and tell Peter.

Martin moved back to Pennsylvania.

These days I go to Cynthia Gomez.  We became friends.

I’ve even written a few Cynthia Gomez Dental Poems.

She travels to Cambodia India

Guatemala helping poor people with their teeth.

Yesterday she emailed How Do I Help People Now?





Normalish (Corona Virus poems)

Nothing is normal

nothing is normal now

Marion said Carlos said The World is Biblical

inside  ourselves in a way we weren’t before

opposite of a social distancer I’ve been

meeting  friends and strangers and anyone else

all day all my life and yet

if I am able to put aside The World for a while

presidents and consequences

and people without food and in prisons

and shelters and What Will Happen

if I am able to breathe slow deep breaths

every morning  first time

in so many years able to write

a sentence or two even three or four

occasionally one of them OK

actually almost happy in a way

I haven’t been in a while to be here

in this  apartment I still love after so many

years rent stabilized orange

books to read for a few lifetimes  food

two bottles of Vodka for Quarantinis

one block from the park where even though

nothing is normal there are yellow forsythias now.




Corona Virus Poems


Hard not to think

about the beer.


Last night I who am a

bad sleeper listened

to a free CALM sleeping app

first a story they recommended

read by an actor I like even though

he is a Trump supporter but the story

was unbearable so I switched to a Calm Sleep

practice and for a while

I actually fell asleep.


In my dream I wrote

a Corona Virus poem

but made the choice

to stay asleep instead

of writing it down.



Letty suggested


I’ll drink one today.



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