Mostly Recent Thanks

This week I’ve been reading Other People’s Poems about every single thing, including thanks.  All poems are a kind of prayer, prayers to language, and to what we can and cannot say.


Thanks to Lucinda who

came by yesterday to describe

a Ghanaian Love Scam and thanks

to women these last few months who

told so many difficult stories

thanks to Irene Cook my first grade

teacher who said I could be a writer

if I wanted  and if I’d read some books

thanks to Alarik Skarstrom who explained

what’s wrong with Crate and Barrel

thanks to so many people who have courage

and kindness and who like to eat thanks to

Ahava Dolpha Odabashian who changed our life

thanks to Barak Obama for being Barak Obama

thanks to everyone who wants to write a book

we need more books  more paintings  more poems

thanks to Kevin who finally finished our table

thanks to every single person who doesn’t give up

and to all those people who make music a few

in particular thanks to immigrants who change this country

for the better all the time thanks to grocery stores

and hardware stores and the shoe repair man named Ralph

who’s been in Catskill forever and gave me green shoe laces

yesterday because he doesn’t think there’s one other person

on earth who wants green shoe laces thanks to gentle dentists

and gentle everyone else thanks to you all of you

for being on this path together for being on this path