Everyone knows


Betty and Frank

have had an affair

too grandiose a word

for what happens between them

Frank wears overalls

he takes them off

at Betty’s house

Betty tends towards negligees

she doesn’t remove them

because of her less

than ideal middle body

they have had regularish sex

for 15 years in our small village

of 324. Small didn’t stop them.

Frank’s wife Sarah suspects Betty

She’s not sure.

Frank is a farmer in his 60s

Betty is 81. She still looks good.

Better than Frank. Ten years

Ago her husband died, and she

Is free as a bird, she says,

except for Tom, her

church boyfriend. She and Tom

are chaste. Tom doesn’t believe

in premarital sex. He is a

religious man of 73. Now what

comes next said postmistress Irene

the 20th time we all discussed,

while buying our stamps,

Frank and Betty’s situation.

My guess said Martha, former

Queens policewoman, long retired,

my guess is that they’ll tie

the knot before I’m dead.

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