What Love Looks Like

Dear Readers (and Non-Readers) of Poems: Matthew and I will continue our On Being Postcards, beginning in February. We will do once a month cards (and maybe EIGHT for Passover). Their new site is wonderful.

For February I will write about What Love Looks Like. The next few days I will post those poems.

Intangible strangers
I don’t know them never will have something
entirely mysterious
I love them if just for
a minute or two. Sometimes
longer. Mysterious
older Moroccan man he stood
At the restaurant door last night
the way he stood there
head at a funny angle child in the elevator
she asked her mother to tell her
wat the moon is mother gave her
elevator description
of sky circles
impossible not
to love them both
95 year old woman
fair housing fighter
a WAC in 1940
remember those people
parsimonious and crazy
told us You Can Only Love
One Person Maybe Two
if you are the exception
February is a love month
not just because we
can buy heart shaped candy
but because its snow and winter
so we can if we want to
find many people to love.

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