My Friend Dan

We have been friends
for over 40 years
he’s legally blind
we walked together
up Mt. Nebo long ago
college books were read to him
he knew what things looked like
in another way lived in Alaska
30 years maybe more he told us about
bots they are getting smarter
they can talk like people he said
a scientist looking for a wife
in Russia a man who knew about bots
(I thought bots short for robots but wasn’t
entirely sure and it is) this man fell in love
can you fall in love with words
I can this scientist fell in love
with a Russian woman’s sentences
and she was a bot but he was reluctant
to give those sentences up.
Dan called Apple years ago so long ago
he got Steve Jobs on the phone.
Today he took the Megabus
back to Philadelphia.
He lives there now
with Netty, his wife.
Maybe he’ll
come right back.

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