About the Author

Some people have asked me if I will post OTHER PEOPLE’s POEMS. I’d like to. But I’m not sure what YOU think. Tell me. Here’s a poem I read yesterday that I LOVED LOVED LOVED. I am sometimes asked to write these crazy things. About the Author. Elizabeth Willis did a perfect job.

About her: the air, warm as fact.
An imaginary boat heading off to hell, her foot pushing it offshore.
The sunlit bank, emerge of the perfect past.
She was barking at the waves, thinking they barked first.
But this was not a river. It was Thursday, a word cast in lead.
Her eye had turned the water into sky.
The poet is a trespasser.
The poet is the king of Rome, New York, with one foot in a boat and one against the snowy shore of reason.
Wondering if, like a boy, she could go there for a season.

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