Hope, and Yesterday

Hard  when Kennedy left

the court and then,  Janus Decision when we see

separated children when this country

seems to be a different country  some of us are

and yet types we know Dr. King was right

we repeat his words often

the arc of the moral universe is long

but it bends toward justice  most people

are good if they’re given the chance and the opportunity

life never simple never ever simple  life

can be daunting can be enormous we know  justice

takes forever we lose and we lose and then,

a strong 28 year old woman from the Bronx Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

we will remember her

fighting against an incumbent, entrenched longtime white man

who couldn’t lose,  she won we won we all won.



Esther Cohen
Let me tell you why I'm here, and why I hope you'll join me. I am here to poem, to play with words, to tell stories when I can, and to ask you for yours. Words are what I love, how I see, and what I say. Words are how I know my life, and how I find my friends. I'm here to ask you to join me. Right here. To send me your stories, and your poems. And to read mine when you can.


  1. Love your poems, your witnessing, your speaking for all us, your caring….

    A big thank you hug for you, dear Esther

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