Even Now (COVID)


This city will never not be amazing

we are in walking distance from Central Park

same small rent stabilized apartment I love as much as I did

a million years ago  saw it the first time with Emily Sterling

one of my all-time favorite roommates owners had a yellow shag rug

covering the entire floor  moved to Florida and opened a Carvel franchise

sent one holiday card saying Hope You’re Surviving the Neighborhood I

was glad they moved to Florida glad for an apartment with five windows

where I could walk across the park every day glad for my Jamaican neighbors

with purple walls who danced, wrote music and once even did a stairway

performance two lawyers live in their old space now because life changes

people move away  the city is a big wave and yet here we still

are in a place like no other even with COVID and politics and

difficult mayors and governors and problems that seem

insolvable but today is more than beautiful and the woman with the

french radishes is at the farmer’s market and the senate and Joe

Biden seem more possible now and New York,  if you love cities

you’d be lucky to find a way to live right here even now.

Esther Cohen
Let me tell you why I'm here, and why I hope you'll join me. I am here to poem, to play with words, to tell stories when I can, and to ask you for yours. Words are what I love, how I see, and what I say. Words are how I know my life, and how I find my friends. I'm here to ask you to join me. Right here. To send me your stories, and your poems. And to read mine when you can.


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