Bernie and Hillary, again

At dinner
this weekend,
although I had hoped
for a Bernie and Hillary
anything else ok
even Purim or Easter
still we all
fell into our
vehement groups
repeating the usual
Bernie can’t win
or he can
Hillary represents
old ways
or she doesn’t
and there we were
twelve of his who
pretty much agree
worried with plenty
of very good reasons
about Republicans
what might happen
to this country
if someone besides
Bernie or Hillary
any of those
other men
what would it mean
to us all?

Esther Cohen
Let me tell you why I'm here, and why I hope you'll join me. I am here to poem, to play with words, to tell stories when I can, and to ask you for yours. Words are what I love, how I see, and what I say. Words are how I know my life, and how I find my friends. I'm here to ask you to join me. Right here. To send me your stories, and your poems. And to read mine when you can.


  1. I can just picture the scene. And agree with the shared worry about what might happen if “someone besides Bernie or Hillary” gets elected. But as the sun sets here in Jerusalem, I can’t help but wonder what you all had for dinner?

  2. Ester, Brian here- your Grey Fox house guests. Bernie is my Senator, here in Vermont. He is a REAL person that walks the streets, lives in a modest home in Burlington, and has been a man of principle and integrity ALL his political life…really, all his human life. We NEED you New Yorkers to vote for this native son! New York is the KEY to making the hopes and dreams of the millions of young people who support Bernie, possible again. Please do not give up on Bernie- do not believe the corporate media and their desire for ratings and the continued influx of big money to their media outlets. Do not let the DNC coronate someone from the establishment who will likely do the bidding of her corporate donors. Bernie is beholden only the the millions who have supported him (including me) with their donations. New York is KEY! California will follow, and the nomination will be Bernie Sanders!

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